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Category Job # Job Title Location Apply
50724 Administrative Assistant Saginaw, Michigan
Admin 50755 Operations Assistant Saginaw, Michigan
Admin 50773 Executive Assistant Administrator Saginaw, Michigan
Admin 50777 Operations Assistant Saginaw, Michigan
IT 50781 IT Project Manager Auburn Hills, Michigan
IT 50782 IT Security Administrator Troy, Michigan
Other 50784 Predictive Quality Analyst Auburn Hills or Saginaw, Michigan
Other 50785 Audit Release Analyst Saginaw, Michigan
Production 50763 Manufacturing Production Supervisor Saginaw, Michigan
Production 50774 Lab Technician Saginaw, Michigan
Production 50775 Electronic Test Technician Saginaw, Michigan
Production 50776 Manufacturing Production Supervisor Saginaw, Michigan
Production 50779 Electrician Royal Oak, Michigan
Production 50780 Mechanical Technician Jackson, Michigan
Production 50783 Mechanical Technician Jackson, Michigan